All the information you need!

We arrange busses that will take you from Oslo Central Station all the way to the festival area, and back. Please, remember to buy your bus ticket in advance here.

Friday 07.06, 17:00
Friday 07.06, 17:30

Monday 10.06, 10:00
Monday 10.06, 10:30

Address: Skuterudveien 30, 1455 Nordre Frogn, Norway
Because of environmental reasons, we do not recommend to arrive by car.
If you after all choose to do so, you must pay a parking ticket. (€ 35)
It is also possible to take the route bus and boat:

Bring your tents. There will be a dedicated camping area a little aside from the festival area. We encourage you to keep this space a bit chill and calm for those who wish to relax, and bring the noise and party to the festival ground.

There will be no available tents for you to rent or borrow, but if you are in need: Here you can rent a tent. Obs, page only in norwegian. Here you can buy a decent one.

There will be enough toilets for everyone at all times, but we will be in the norwegian forests now, and we will mostly use the norwegian utedo (outdoor toilets). So you are actually recommended to pee in the free! But do NOT throw paper on the ground. We will set up enough trash cans. Number two you do in the loo.

We will have simple outdoor showers available. The water will be heated by the sun. The beautiful Norwegian sea is also available for you, around 45 minutes of walking.

We love our nature
We are so thankful that we have the possibility to enjoy beautiful nature, right outside Oslo, and we will leave the area as we found it. Absolutely no garbage on the ground, not as much as one cigarette! We will have a clearly marked recycling station, both on the festival and camping area, and more garbage cans abound the area.

Most importantly: We take care of each other
Our biggest wish for the festival is that this will be something we can experience together. We treat each other with respect, help each other when needed, we give hugs if it’s wanted.

We definitely do not take things that does not belong to us, or jump the queue, or harrass anyone for any reason. Love, respect, art, trust, techno, nature, beauty.

Food and drinks
You can not bring drinks and food into the festival area. Glass bottles are prohibited also on the camping area.

Read about our amazing food partners HERE.

Electricity, power and signals
Well, first of all, we advise you not to use your phones as much as we all normally do. But of course, we all love to keep memories safe with our cameras, so please bring your power banks.

Ekfa will provide solar charging.

WiFi will not be available, and possibly unstable phone signals are expected.

We will have an emergency team available at all times. You will find them by the entrance.

Age limit?
Yes, you must be 21 years old to attend the festival.

Got questions?
[email protected]